Agents; `Sell the Caribbean be rewarded`

Sell the Caribbean, Get Rewarded.  This is the mantra for the first Caribbean loyalty platform coming December 15, 2003 at  The CaribRewards program has been created by the Performance Media Group Inc. in conjunction with the Caribbean Tourism Organization and its member countries. The goal of the platform is to drive more bookings to the Caribbean by rewarding individual agents for selling participating hotels. 

“The travel agency channel continues to evolve from a business about agency locations to a business about individual agents and the relationships they have with their clients and suppliers” says Mark Murphy, President/CEO of the Performance Media Group Inc.  Agency consolidation and the increasing trend towards home-based agencies are significantly impacting a supplier’s ability to reach and generate sales from individual producers across the country. “This trend has led to an increased demand for marketing strategies that focus on individual agent loyalty” Says Murphy and is the genesis for a number of Agent Loyalty solutions being developed by the Performance Media Group Inc.

Participating countries will benefit through in many ways including:

Access to all agents enrolled (currently 34,197 US travel agents);

Data on each agent, their destination certifications, full contact information, sales profiles, etc;


Ongoing tracking on every agent`s individual sales including but not limited to: reservation numbers, wholesaler sold, hotel booked, room nights delivered, total sale, passenger`s name, and arrival date;
A shift in market share from competitive destinations.

“The financial commitment for a member country to participate is minimal, while the return is likely to be substantial”, says Hugh Riley, Director of Marketing, The Americas Caribbean Tourism Organization. “ will track individual travel agent sales down to the reservation number, product sold, wholesaler used or booking method, room nights, selling price, travel date and much more. This data is available to participating member countries to use for targeted marketing initiatives and to track their ROI.” is 100% pay for performance for the hotels and resorts that are selected to participate. “The only time a hotel pays to participate is when they generate business that actually travels” according to Murphy. This feature provides a loyalty marketing solution with no management or set up fees, saving selected hotels thousands of dollars in program costs usually associated with private rewards/loyalty programs. 

Agents who sell a CaribRewards participating property earn Agent Miles that are redeemable for merchandise, vacations to the Caribbean, gift certificates and gifts for their clients.  Over 34,000 Caribbean selling agents will be part of the launch of CaribRewards coming December 15, 2003.  Hotels from the following destinations have already signed up to participate; Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, Grenada, St. Maarten, St. Martin, Cayman Islands, U.S.V.I, Belize, St. Lucia, Trinidad and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.