Regional tourism to benefit from British

Barbados and other Caribbean countries are to get help with their tourism products from Britain.

The help will come in the form of two initiatives which will be spelt out in London later this week when Ministers of Tourism from several Caribbean countries are expected to attend a Foreign and Commonwealth Office-sponsored workshop on tourism.

According to Bill Rammell, the Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Britain has just signed a bilateral agreement with UNESCO to help preserve World heritage Sites, making the Caribbean its top priority.
In addition, Rammell said Britain will sponsor a Sustainable Tourism Initiative in the Caribbean which will focus on helping to save coral reefs in the Caribbean.
“These two pledges lend proof to our continual commitment to co-operation with our Caribbean partners and is testimony to the long standing relationship we share with the region,” the British official added.
He said the upcoming conference comes at an important time for the Caribbean. “The major threats of terrorism, natural disaster and globalised crime networks render small vulnerable societies, such as those in the Caribbean, particularly at risk. Discussing policy measures to address those challenges could not be more timely,” he added.
The wide group of stakeholders will include ministers, policy makers from governments, key representatives from the private sector in the Caribbean and the United Kingdom and a range of donors and other international actors who have a key interest in this sector.
Representatives will also be present from Virgin Airways, Sandals Resort, Thomas Cooke Operators, British Airways, Caribbean Tourism Organisation, Caribbean Hotel Associ- ation, European Union, World Trade Organisation, Department for Interna- tional Development and the Department of Trade and Industry.

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