PROMOTION: Belize, the true spirit of adventure and discovery

Do you long for adventure? Then you are not alone. In recent years, adventure travel has become increasingly popular. In
fact, a recent study by the Outdoor Industry Association reports an unprecedented growth in outdoor recreation. Sea kayaking in particular is
one of the fastest growing outdoor activities, with a reported 5.8 million
Americans participating in the sport each year. Trends indicate that outdoor
enthusiasts are seeking more and more exotic locations to pursue their sport, especially during the winter months.

English-speaking Belize, located directly below the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico
and a mere two-hour flight from continental USA, provides the perfect backdrop for a Caribbean sea kayaking excursion. Belize`s premier tour operator, Island Expeditions, offers a superb package. The Coral
Islands excursion combines a tropical sea kayaking adventure along the longest coral reef in the western hemisphere and also includes traversing a cave system in Belize`s tropical rainforest.

Starting in the jungle, participants will explore Belize`s lush interior with emphasis on discovering its Maya past. A visit to the `Cave of the Stone Sepulcher` is reached by hiking a rainforest trail and wading through rushing creeks. Inside a darkened, participants will enter a chamber where their torches illuminate an astonishing array of Maya artifacts, including ceramic bowls, vases, stone tools, carved slate altars and calcified skeletons. These are believed to be those of sacrificial victims dating back some 1,700 years to the classic Maya period.

The trip then ventures out onto the crystal blue Caribbean waters, where
participants will find themselves in one of the richest marine ecosystems on
earth. The Belize barrier reef runs the length of the Belize coastline, with
waters teeming with brilliantly colored fish, sea grass beds and patch
reefs, all in near pristine condition.
After instruction on the fundamentals of sea kayaking, participants will set out on these spectacular waters,
sailing and paddling their kayaks to tiny “cayes” or islands that dot the reef. As this portion of the trip lasts for six days, there are lots of opportunities for fishing, snorkeling and simply enjoying the scenery and marine life of the Caribbean.
Participants will be camping on some of these smaller islands, and feasting on fresh-caught seafood and tropical fruits
and vegetables.

The cost of the Coral Islands trip is US$1,388 per person, and includes all meals, accommodations and transfers, unlimited use of Island Expeditions` equipment and professional guide services (both North American leaders and Belizean guides).


Those participants who may only want the water portion of the trip have the option of excluding the inland cave portion or can reschedule the cave visit to the day after the trip ends.

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