Puerto Rico shows positive tourism figures

A recent survey conducted by Gaither International among 1,400 American tourists in Puerto Rico demonstrates a high degree of satisfaction with hotels, restaurants and other attractions on the island. After having visited, 96% of those surveyed said that they would recommend the island to their friends and family.

The study, designed to assess American tourists` expectations upon choosing the destination and their degree of satisfaction after completion of their trip, is part of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company`s overall strategy to identify and address the island`s strengths and weaknesses as a destination. Research was carried out during a period of 14 days in June 2003.  Half of the 1,400 visitors interviewed for the research were polled while arriving at the Luis Muñoz Mar’n International Airport in San Juan and the remaining half were visitors leaving the island.

Among the strongest results indicated, 78% of those surveyed said they will return to Puerto Rico.  Findings that demonstrate why satisfaction was so high include very positive results for the island`s hotels, restaurants and attractions. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of those surveyed said they were staying in local hotels, and 82% of these were very satisfied with their hotel`s service and amenities. Eighty percent (80%) of interviewees were very satisfied with the service and the wide variety of restaurants on the island.
Favorite attractions are the sunny weather (40%), beaches (20%), friendly people (13%) and natural wonders (12%).
The survey also revealed an 11% increase in the number of visitors between 18 and 34 years old for the month of June, indicating that more young people are traveling to the island. In addition, the study shows that 91% of these visitors have a college degree and annual incomes over $108,200.
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