Tourism workshop in London will be attended by high ranking CHA members

On November 6 and 7, 2003, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office will be mounting the first-ever policy workshop on tourism to be held by any European government. Its broad objective is to better understand how tourism relates to European policy towards the Caribbean and how tourism can be made more central to the political, economic and development policy dialogue between all European Union capitals, the European Commission, and the Caribbean. 

“Britain`s decision to host this event is significant.  Its voice on Caribbean affairs is the one most frequently deferred to by other European Union member states, because of its longstanding relationship with and experience of the region,” said CHA President Simón B. Suárez.

The event will bring together Caribbean tourism ministers, representatives from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA), along with many senior figures from the tourism industry in the United Kingdom, as well as British Ministers, senior officials from the UK Government and the European Commission.
The workshop will be divided into sessions, covering topics such as Tourism and the international trade agenda; Sustainable development and social responsibility; the Caribbean tourism product; Creating and maintaining a secure environment for tourism; and Relating tourism to the development agenda.
“The private sector holds the key to the future of the region`s economy. In representation of the private sector, CHA is a most appropriate partner in development to deliver practical solutions through it membership.” added Suárez.
“This workshop is an extraordinary opportunity to advance the principles of public and private sector cooperation to which CHA is committed,” he concluded.
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