Cast and Green Globe sign new agreement at Casuarina Beach Club

The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST) and Green Globe Asia Pacific (GGAP) signed a new Green Globe 21 Regional Alliance Agreement at the Casuarina Beach Club, Barbados on Saturday October 18th 2003.  This agreement will allow CAST to promote and recognise the achievements and performance of properties and provide information and support to travel and tourism businesses in the region pursuing Green Globe 21 Benchmarking and Green Globe 21 Certification. 
Green Globe 21 Benchmarking and Certification are open to all hotels and businesses in the travel and tourism sector, including small and micro properties that are willing to commit to achieving environmental and social responsibility and sustainability in their operations. 

“CAST is truly proud of the hotels in the Caribbean that have made the commitment to be Green Globe 21 certified and that have invested heavily in the development of systems and infrastructure for more responsible operations,” says Royston O. Hopkin C.M.G. Chairman of CAST who signed the Alliance Agreement. He went on to say that “...the region deserves the highest level of promotion and recognition for its achievement of containing over 40% of all the hotels in the world that are Green Globe 21-certified.”
Cathy Parsons, Chief Executive Officer of Green Globe Asia Pacific who co-signed the Alliance Agreement congratulated the Caribbean region and its Green Globe 21 certified hotels for their achievements and stated that “...the Caribbean is important to the Green Globe family” and cited the recent appointment of CAST to the International Advisory Council of Green Globe as testament to this statement.  She added that “...the views and experiences of the Caribbean are important to improving the Green Globe 21 Benchmarking process and Standard.”
Under the new Agreement, CAST will market the achievements of the certified properties regionally, as well as in conjunction with GGAP under their global marketing program and at international events such as World Travel Market in London.

The Casuarina Beach Hotel - a Green Globe 21 certified property since 1999 - provided the perfect backdrop for the signing and the brunch that followed.  According to Deirdre Shurland, Director of CAST, “...the Casuarina Beach Hotel is one of CAST`s most recognised and accomplished leaders and an exemplar in what is possible through enlightened and committed leadership and a passion for the Caribbean environment.”
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