Kahn Communication drops client

Kahn Travel Communications, a public relations agency specialising in travel and hospitality industry communications and promotions, has ceased representing the Chenay Bay Beach Resort in St. Croix and severed all ties with the resort.

“It is not often that a public relations agency ends a relationship, especially these days when all-important revenues are closely guarded,” said Richard S. Kahn, president of the agency. “However, following recent changes that have taken place at the resort, we have some serious concerns about a reported lack of service which has created concern for both guests and our media friends,” Kahn added.

Kahn Travel Communications has worked with Chenay Bay Beach Resort for more than four years.

“However, it has come to our attention that the hotel is in the midst of a controversial sale and the current owners may not be providing the same level of service as in the past,” Kahn said.

The current owners have reportedly stopped paying bills, and recent calls to the resort management were going unanswered. There were also unsubstantiated rumors in St. Croix, indicating that employees were dissatisfied. “These reports created fears that service levels would deteriorate even further,” Kahn said. “We cut all ties, forsaking revenues in favor of maintaining our reputation with the media,” Kahn added.


Kahn has talked with the potential new owners of the resort and could resume representation of Chenay Bay should the sale go through in the coming months. “Until further notice, KTC will no longer represent Chenay Bay Beach Resort.”