Caribbean`s leading destination and Caribbean`s leading tourist and convention bureau titles both go

At the 10th Annual World Travel Awards ceremony, glamorously celebrated on Monday night at The Plaza in Manhattan, Barbados was named Caribbean`s Leading Destination and claimed additional honors with the title, Caribbean`s Leading Tourist and Convention Bureau.
Commenting on this spectacular success, Barbados Tourism Authority President and CEO Oliver Jordan noted: “These awards are of inestimable value because they confirm that industry professionals worldwide, who guide holiday makers in their choices, now recognise Barbados as a preferred destination. They tell me also that the Barbados Tourism Authority is working successfully as a solid support system for our wonderful agents and tour operators. I thank the travel industry for this great honor, and I send my warmest thanks also to Barbados Tourism Authority staff around the world who have worked tirelessly to help promote and sell our great tourism product.”

The honors roster for Barbados went even further last night, with awards presented also to two of the destination`s resort properties. Sandy Lane claimed the title, The Caribbean`s Best Golf Resort, and Villa Nova was named The Caribbean`s Leading Boutique Hotel.
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