American Leisure Holdings, Inc. announces Antiguan acquisition

American Leisure Holdings, Inc. announced today that it is taking over the ownership of Oak Holding Antigua, Ltd in Antigua, currently owned by VICI Marketing of Clearwater, Florida. The operations of VICI Marketing were significantly affected by the impending passage of the “Do Not Call” legislation in the United States. This information was issued by the Antiguan government in a press release on September 26, 2003.
American Leisure Holdings, Inc., a Stanford Venture Capital portfolio company, as one component of its call center business model, utilises various inbound/outbound telemarketing campaigns to contact existing databases not affected by the legislation, with the call center acting as a customer service agency selling travel and vacation packages. David Rector, a consultant and investment banker, is overseeing the management transition, and working closely with Malcolm Wright, president of AMLH. Wright views the opportunities for AMLH in Antigua and Barbuda as very positive.
Wright believes that the Antiguan workforce has a lot to offer AMLH`s inbound and outbound programs, as well as opening the door to other opportunities in the country for other AMLH group companies to conduct business. Wright said, “Before we can begin operations, anticipated to be in four to six weeks, there has to be a significant change to the telephonic capabilities at the facility to fully comply with all aspects of US legislation, and for the center to be compatible with our facilities in Tamarac, Florida.”

Wright went on to say, “The current outbound predictive dialer is not compatible for the inbound program so we will be installing a VSAT system to communicate directly with operations in Florida. To date there are 288 workstations at the call centre, with 144 being active. When the satellite is activated, we will, over a period of time, put all 288 workstations online, operating two shifts initially. Potentially over five hundred persons can be employed, which will be very positive for the economy. Additionally, AMLH is bringing 29 years of call center management experience, and will be providing an attractive work environment with tangible reward and incentive programs for its employees. After the first phase of the upgrading, with an estimated cost of US$400,000 an initial 120-150 sales agents will be employed.”
Rector reported that because the business model of American Leisure Holdings is different from the previous management team, the contracts of the current employees are no longer applicable. He said that the employees would be terminated to provide a fresh start for the new operators to execute their own employment agreements. The workers will be paid their severance, vacation and payroll due, and when applicable, will be paid for two weeks in Lieu of Notice. He made it clear that one hundred percent of the existing sales agents will be called back within thirty to forty-five days once all the necessary new equipment has been imported, and the installations and enhancements are underway.