`Bridgetown Comes to Atlanta`

From October 13 to 18, 2003, the Barbados Week tour stops in Atlanta, Georgia for Bridgetown Comes to Atlanta, a celebration of the 375th Anniversary of the establishment of Barbados` capital city, Bridgetown.
Throughout the year, the Barbados Week tour will showcase the brightest and best of Bajan culture, the wonders of the island and the uniqueness of its indigenous products. Bridgetown Comes to Atlanta will also showcase the talents of Bajan artists with performances through the spoken word, song, instrumental and dance as a vehicle to inform and entertain the Atlanta community.
Dignitaries of Barbados as well as city representatives of Atlanta will attend the week`s events, including The Honorable Billie A. Miller, Senior Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Representative for the City of Bridgetown and Mayor Shirley Franklin, to show their support of the special bond that exists between Atlanta, Georgia and Bridgetown, Barbados. The city of Atlanta has declared the week “Barbados Week” and will participate in the official exchange of city documents.
Special highlights of Bridgetown Comes to Atlanta include:

Monday, Oct. 13- Welcome reception and dinner to thank the Barbadian community for its unconditional support. Senior Minister Miller, the Consul General Ben Martinez and Sir Garfield Sobers will attend.

Tuesday, Oct. 14- Luncheon honoring Ambassador Andrew Young and Goodwill Ambassador Evander Holyfield; Barbados Night at the Fox Theater featuring a broad range of artistic talent.

Wednesday, Oct. 15- Barbados Jazz Evening at Spice Restaurant with special performances by Arturo Tappin and Nicholas Brancker.

Thursday, Oct. 16- Travel Agent Appreciation night to announce industry updates and future plans at the Sheraton Buckhead.


Friday, Oct. 17- Showcase of Barbadian culture, arts and crafts will be displayed at the Cumberland Mall. Open to the public.
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