Mexico`s President indicates tourism growth

Speaking at a ceremony marking World Tourism Day on Acapulco Beach, Mexican President Vicente Fox indicated that the countryå‘s leisure industry increased by seven percent during the first half of 2003, Raising income to US$4.87 million.
Mr. Fox also stressed that the travel sector is a top priority for Mexico at a time when the global economy is struggling.
Aside from highlighting a fantastic growth for the Mexican tourism market, the figures also mark a milestone in the history of the countries leisure industry.
Mr. Fox said of the figures, “These are earnings that provide great stability to both our currency and our economy.”
Giving tourism a boost is part of the Mexican government’s improved strategy aimed at beefing up the domestic market and rekindling a downtrodden economy that has been showing meagre growth in recent years.
Mr. Fox explained that Mexican tourism is currently contributing roughly 8 percent of the country’s Gross National Product and providing jobs for 1.7 million people.