Sandals assist local health services and schools in Jamaica

It is reported that over eight thousand people so far have benefited from the Sandals Dunnå‘s Riverå‘s health clinics held in rural St Ann since the conception of the monthly clinics six years ago. The clinics are held in collaboration with the St. Ann Senior Citizens Association and other associations.

The regular clinics, which started out with doctors and nurses giving free medical check-ups have now been upgraded after evaluating the needs of the communities.  The clinics now includes free medications from Lasmed Pharmaceutical Division, dental treatment for children, eye-screening, immunisation and life skill seminars such as maintaining healthy lifestyle, counseling, HIV/AIDS and environmental issues are some of the areas targeted.

The resort’s most recent health clinic held at the Madras SDA Church Hall where one hundred and fifteen patients were given free medication, September 17.
Participating doctors on the Sandals team of volunteers include doctors:- David Lambert, Vincent Riley, Danielle Robb, Geoffrey Walcott, Eric McKenzie, among others.

A Tourism Awareness rap session is usually conducted at close-by Primary Schools where the health clinics are being held for children to know the importance of the industry and how fragile the industry can be. 

Tourism in School:
Sandals Dunn’s River, recognises that five years from now some of the children who are now in primary and secondary schools will be the very persons employed to the hotels, hence the ‘Tourism in School’ program was developed.


Under the program, resort managers visit schools regularly to interact with students about the industry, explain its intricacies and explore with them the range of opportunities and the importance of protecting the product. In so doing it is hope that these children will relate such information to their families and friends who intern will realise the importance of tourism to our country.

The program also allows students from schools island wide to visit the resort where they are given guided tours and observe the operation of the various departments.  A few of the participating schools are:- Marcus Garvey High School, Steertown Primary & Junior High, CARIMAC, University of Technology, St. Mary Technical High, HEART, Seafort High School and St. Hildas Diocesan High.

The resort’s aim is to foster a hospitality culture in Jamaica in which service replaces selfishness and instead of harassing our visitors, our people will embrace them.