Lopez gains recognition

Caribbean tourism leaders are hailing Costa Rican native Victor Lopez for his contribution to regional tourism marketing as well as the influential Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility naming him as one of the most influential Hispanics in Corporate America.

The Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) and the CHA Charitable Trust (CHACT) - which administers the region`s marketing programme - added their plaudits this week for Miami resident Lopez, divisional vice president of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, who is the highest-ranking Hispanic executive at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, part of Hyatt Corporation that currently owns, manages, franchises or operates 414 hotels and resorts around the world. Lopez directs the operations of 28 properties in the high volume leisure and business destinations of Florida, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Washington D.C. region.

“Victor`s achievements are historic,” said CHA`s Director General and CEO Alec Sanguinetti, who added the Caribbean region is fortunate to have the counsel of Lopez, a 30 year-year veteran of the hotel industry who continues to provide leadership in the execution of the Life Needs the Caribbean marketing programme. Lopez was the first chair of CHACT.

“One of the greatest pleasures of my work is having the opportunity to mentor those who wish to advance their careers at Hyatt,” said Lopez about the nomination from one of the most prominent US Hispanic organizations. “To be honored for something that is my privilege to do is an honor beyond words. The hard work and ambition of the Hispanics and other minorities I work with, and the thousands of Hispanic men and women in the American work force who are forging their careers, inspire me. It is my joy and my responsibility to guide them in achieving their goals. “

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is an industry leader in the recruitment, retention, development and promotion of minorities and women. Hyatt`s workforce of more than 36,000 employees is 59% ethnic minority and 50% female, with the management breakdown being 36% minority and 37% female.



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