Jamaican Tourism set to Grow

The Jamaican government is projecting the creation of more jobs in the leisure industry in the next couple of years owing mainly to the completion of a series of hotels currently under construction. The six new complexes will add 958 rooms to the country`s stock of accommodations, Jamaican Tourism and Industry Minister Aloun N«dombet Assamba explained.

Over the course of the past year, authorities took on the building of a dozen hotels under the Hotel Incentive Act. Four of the lodging facilities were finished in that timeframe while the remaining establishments will be completed this year.

Recently, the government passed additional funds for the refurbishment, conservation, rebuilding and restoration of attractions aimed at encouraging tourism.

In the first half of this year, Jamaica`s tourist industry increased by 7 percent in the number of stays and rocketed a mighty 39.2 percent in the amount of cruise passenger arrivals.
By the year 2010, Jamaica expects to welcome 2.2 million tourists and a similar number of cruise passengers.

Today tourism accounts for around 50 oer cent of country income.
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