Chastanet back in St. Lucia

Now that Allen Chastanet has resigned from his post as vice-president for marketing and sales of Air Jamaica, it is expected that he will be returning to St Lucia to pursue personal and family business interests in the hospitality industry.

In an article appearing in the August 4 edition of Business Monday, Basil Springer said St Lucia could not be awarded with better talent than that of Allen Chastanet. Wrote to Springer: “With the synergy that is likely to develop from the professional interaction of Berthia Parle, her husband and Allen Chastanet in Rodney Bay, Caribbean tourism and specifically, tourism in St Lucia is not likely to be the same again.”

Why? Springer states that he had the pleasure of meeting Allen Chastanet on a number of occasions and described him as helpful and passionate about his work. According to him, the partnership between Rotary International District 7030 and Air Jamaica and the bi-annual gathering of journalists from around the world were partly owing to Chastanet`s genius.

He recalls another tourism series at which he met with Chastanet—the Caribbean Media Exchange for Sustainable Tourism (CMEx).

This “master of craftsmanship in the field of tourism,” said Springer, is a true asset to St Lucia. Springer predicts that the model leader`s “high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution,” will without a doubt be to the benefit of Air Jamaica, St Lucia and the Caribbean.


“I look forward to further interaction with Chastanet,“Springer concluded his piece, entirely won over, “and I wish him well in all his future endeavors.”

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