Vallarta Adventure Release latest Air Excusion

Vallarta Adventures, the Puerto Vallarta tour and excursion company presents its most recent air adventure, The Talpa and Mascota Air Tour. This six-hour adventure tour of Mascota and Talpa offers adventurous travelers a unique opportunity to experience the genuine Mexican society. The Talpa and Mascota Air Tour offers visitors insight into the everyday customs and traditions of life in an authentic Mexican town. This guided tour explores places few people have ever seen by educating each traveler of Talpa and Mascota`s forgotten cultures, traditions and customs of the remote villages and historical towns.

The first destination on the agenda is the town of Mascota, a 16th century agricultural town nestled at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Participants will experience a scenic flight on one of Vallarta Adventure`s private charter airplanes taking observers over the canyons, tropical forests, waterfalls and the fertile valleys of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Among the many stops included in the Mascota tour include the lush pine-and-oak forested colonial town of Jalisco, a traditional “Old Mexico” town established in 1592 by early Spanish colonists known for its majestic town church dedicated to the Virgin de los Dolores.

The production of Raicilla is one of the traditional local arts, and no visit to Mascota is complete without trying the town`s favorite tequila. Noted by connoisseurs as a smooth and civilized drink, this liquor goes through an intricate production process performed entirely by hand, and is commonly served chilled in a wine glass. Knowledgeable guides will take visitors on a tour of an authentic Raicilla distillery where the best historic distilling techniques are combined with the advantages of modern technology to produce this local favorite.

As one of the most important religious centers in Mexico, Talpa de Allande is the final visit on the air tour. Famed for its beauty and religious significance, Talpa remains a pastoral village set in a valley that is surrounded by pine covered mountains. Talpa is famous throughout Mexico for its colorful village ambiance and the stately Gothic church that shelters the beloved virgin, “Rosario de Talpa,” one of the renowned “Three Sister” virgins of Jalisco where throughout the year, thousands of faithful pilgrims from all over Mexico make the long journey to worship the sacred shrine with hopes that miracles may happen.

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