First Annual Wholesaler Conference in the Turks and Caicos Islands Deemed a Success

Twelve of the USA`s top travel wholesalers gathered at the end of July for the first ever Turks and Caicos Wholesaler Conference hosted by the Tourist Board. The
event brought together hoteliers, wholesalers, associations and senior
Tourist Board officials to exchange thoughts and information about business
opportunities on the award-winning beautiful by nature island chain.

The conference included a packed full-day of site inspections at eleven hotels on the main tourism island of Providenciales and a roundtable discussion that covered a range of topics such as island excursions, summer bookings and future collaborations. “This event was a great success, we
got some good feedback and the wholesalers seemed to enjoy the experience immensely. We hope to stage similar events in future years,” said John
, Director of Tourism.

Melanie Alexander, Sales and Marketing Agent for the Northeast and organiser of the event was also pleased with the results, “I know of nearly twenty hotel contracts and five companies interested in introducing a TCI product as a result of our conference.”

The event coincided with the Islands making international history and gaining multimedia exposure with the record breaking free dive of World Champion Tanya Streeter. Tanya has appeared on a number of television
programs including David Letterman, Good Morning America, The Best Damn
Sports Show and will be appearing on NBC`s Dateline as a result of her athletic success, and has through these and other similar print and broadcast opportunities promoted her sponsor, the Turks and Caicos Islands, to a mass consumer market across the globe.

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