Cayman Residents to test World Record

Residents of the Cayman Islands have the opportunity On November 15, 2003, in honour of its Quincentennial Celebration, to participate in an attempt to set a new world record for underwater weddings. Cayman Aqua Vows provides couples with the opportunity to tie the knot or renew their vows in a unique and naturally beautiful setting.

Customised packages, for residents of the Cayman Islands, start as low as US$555.00 for those wishing to get married; US$355.00 for those wishing to renew their vows and US$255.00 for those wishing to witness this event. 
A late afternoon underwater ceremony will take place off the world famous Seven Mile Beach, with an official land ceremony and Sunset beach reception immediately following. Couples may marry, or renew their vows, underwater in scuba gear or in a submarine, and their guests may witness the event either from a semi-sub, above the water in a boat or by snorkelling and looking down on the event. Guests are not guaranteed spaces physically beside the couples, but we will make every effort to include them on the same vessel.
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