Cayman Islands and New York Power: A Beautiful Team

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism is wrapping up a successful season of sponsorship for the New York Power. The sponsorship, which began last March, offered the Islands the opportunity to target northeast regional families and generate awareness through advertisement, promotion, public relations, and hospitality. The promotion concludes with the spectacular å“Cayman Islands Nightå” on Aug. 1, 2003.
Widely regarded as the United States premier women’s soccer team, the New York Power plays in the Women’s United Soccer Association. This league features all of the US women’s soccer stars who captured America’s hearts at the 1999 Women’s World Cup, including the Power’s own Tiffeny Milbrett who was the league’s 2001 MVP. This year’s team is making a strong run at the WUSA championship.
The Cayman Islands was credited with the title of sole sponsor of the highly successful “New York Power Patrol”, a tour van that canvassed the New York tri-state area and boasted 200 special events featuring music, contests, trivia games, and prize giveaways built around a series of attractions for families. The van proudly displayed the Cayman Islands logo with information on the destination distributed at each stop. As a special bonus, players from the New York Power attended select events to give the fans an extra treat.
Other benefits reaped from the sponsorship were commercial spots during NY Power televised games, credit on the official NY Power website, public address announcements about the Cayman Islands at each home game and the widely popular holiday giveaway. In the giveaway, families competed in a wide array of interactive events to win an all-expense-paid trip to the Cayman Islands. The winners will be announced Aug. 1, 2003, at the last home game in what will be dubbed “Cayman Islands Night”.
The accomplished campaign has provided the Cayman Islands with invaluable exposure. The promotion not only reached attending fans of the Power but also those who were rarely present at home games. This creative effort through on-site promotions, television, and mobile marketing resulted in an aggressive success.

The NY Power fan base is comprised mainly of young families. This similar clientele that the Cayman Islands targets, resulted in an advantageous alliance with the Power. “The NY Power’s relationship with the Cayman Islands has been wonderful.  The fans have been thrilled with our promotions and we are very grateful”, said NY Power Sponsorship Director Jeremy Steindecker. The partnership’s success has also paved way for a possible visit to the Cayman Islands by members of the Power, where the team would hold soccer clinics for local Caymanians as well as young holiday going US soccer players.
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