Bitter End Pays Repect to Celia Cruz

Situated on Virgin Gordaå‘s northeastern extremity as the last island outpost before the open waters of the Atlantic, the all-inclusive Bitter End Yacht Club salutes Celia Cruz, the woman and her legacy on July 26, 2003 during Sea, Salsa and Sabor Week.

Bitter End Yacht Club will honor La Reina de la Salsa at sunset on July 26, 2003 with Mojitos, Cuba Libres, Cuban cigars and of course, her music. In true Cruz style, the homage will go on until the small hours of the night. “Celia Cruz was and will remain the cornerstone of Salsa music,” states Ana Lavin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bitter End Yacht Club. “It seems fitting to celebrate the spice and spirit of her legacy in a way she would enjoy.”
Sea, Salsa and Sabor week celebrates the soul of the Latin Caribbean. Bitter End Yacht Club turns up the heat with a week long series of activities sure to satisfy the Spanish spirit in travelers. Guests will enjoy cigar night, salsa and meringue under the stars and mojitos and tostones at the bar all week long. Children will follow in the footsteps of the Spanish Caribbean gold trade with special treasure hunts and adventures.
In addition, to the culinary wizardry of Bitter End’s Executive Chef, Trevor Nicely, the resort will feature guest chefs from the notable Puerto Rican restaurants, Ajili Mójili and Soleil Beach Club. Each guest chef will add their special Puerto Rican style to the menu with tasty additions like Ajili Mojili’s Mango Bajito cocktail made with fresh mango nectar/ rum and top-secret ingredients, their noted Tortitas Cuchi-Cuchi plus Soleil’s Seafood Mofongo.
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