Statement from the Montserrat Tourist Board

Following the eruption of Soufriere Hills Volcano which blew off a significant portion of its dome last week end Caribbean Weekly are releasing a statement Director of Tourism Ernestine Cassell, who mainatains that everything is being done to keep the Island running. There are reports of some heavy rain in the North that are assisting with washing the ash away. Residents are said to be in high spirits.

Once again, Mother Nature has demonstrated that she is in control of Montserrat`s ultimate destiny.


The Soufriere Hills Volcano blew off a significant portion of the dome that has been threatening to collapse for several months.  Government and residents have been preparing for such an event for quite some time.

Preliminary reports indicate that tons of wet ash and mud fell on communities from Salem, with lighter ash falls and some pumice and small rock fragments on communities in the far north.


At first glance, the landscape resembles what one would imagine the surface of Mars to be like.  But don`t count Montserrat out in terms of her ability to be a gracious hostess.

Give us a couple of days to clear the ash and mud and we will be happy to welcome visitors in our usual warm and hospitable manner.

Our advice is, “You`ve got to see it to believe it!”

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