First Female Surf Spa Expands to Costa Rica

Originating in Hawaii as the worlds first women`s Surf Spa, Kelea has expanded to Costa Rica - a new surfing retreat providing the ultimate in eco-adventure spa experiences. Kelea guests can now learn how to surf in tropical waters, take yoga classes after the midday sun, and enjoy spa treatments during the evening in a beachside cabana.
Due to open in November 2003, Kelea Costa Rica combines good surf with rolling waves, massage therapies, yoga, wildlife and nightlife, and is currently being hailed as “the perfect place for today’s surfer girl”.
Kelea Costa Rica is located in Malpais, a small Costa Rican town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. With a rainforest backdrop and pristine beaches, life is regulated by the season, the tides, the phases of the moon, and Saturday night salsa.
A typical day at Kelea Costa Rica:
7:30am - 8:30am - Tropical Breakfast9am - noon - Surf LessonsNoon -1:00pm - Healthy Lunch3pm - 4:30 pm - Nature Hike and Yoga5-7pm - Massages and Body Treatments7:30pm - Gourmet Dinner
Malpais is also known for its rich ecosystem and diverse environments, enabling guests to take a guided nature hike and discover some of the unique plant and animal species of Costa Rica. Nature also provides the ingredients for some of Kelea’s amazing spa treatments, such as the Costa Rican Coffee Body Scrub and the Papaya Enzyme Body Wrap.
Kelea Costa Rica was formed by Elenice Senn and Stephanie Tufts, two women who love the sport of surfing and outdoor activities. Kelea began in Hawaii as the worlds first surf spa and has expanded to Kelea Costa Rica - a new surfing retreat. Together with daily activities, the spa completes the concept of integrating body, mind and spirit with a pampering programme that includes full body massages and indigenous treatments.
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