Future Bright For The Caribbean

The Caribbean looks set to become a holiday destination hotspot, not only for traveling Americans but also worldwide. Visitor numbers look promising and are set to increase a recent study has revealed. At the opening ceremony of the CHA’s industry conference, Tom Murray, CEO - the Americas for InterContinental Hotels Group, quoted figures from the World Travel & Tourism Council. These indicate a bright future for the region.
The information forecast’s a strong upward trend for the tourism industry over the next 10 years—and a 2.5% increase in demand for Caribbean travel this year. At a time when many regions are being hard hit by world events such as the SAR’s epidemic and the last Gulf War, these are very promising statistics. Murray stated his belief of the benefit of branding the region as a whole, which correlates with the recent admission that the marketing campaign, ‘Life Needs The Caribbean’ is proving to be a running success. Murray said, “A brand is not a product or a service, but a promise to guests to deliver a consistent experience.”