Isla Cozumel Receive`s Tourism Industry Boost

Isla Cozumel celebrates the recent charter class graduation of the University of Quintana Roo, Cozumel campus, featuring 50 percent of 80 graduates who received degrees from the University`s School for Travel and Tourism.
With graduates in travel and tourism, food and beverage management and hotel business, the 2003 commencement not only marks a historic moment for the University of Quintana Roo, Cozumel campus, but is also significant for Isla Cozumel`s travel and tourism community. Tourism to the island continues to rise, showing improved occupancy figures compared to 2002. The development of a skilled and educated workforce to support the growth of Isla Cozumel`s chief industry shows the dedication of the community and the university to the travel and tourism trade.
“We are committed to preserving the active link between the community and the university,” said Oscar Frausto Martinez, Coordinator of the Cozumel Academic Unit for the University of Quintana Roo.
With the importance of the travel and tourism industry to the region, Isla Cozumel will benefit greatly from the integration of this year`s University of Quintana Roo charter class graduates into the workforce, as well as from future classes to come.

Named “Cuzamil” by the Maya who inhabited it more than 2,000 years ago, Isla Cozumel or “land of the swallows” is located in the state of Quintana Roo, east of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cozumel, approximately 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, has an international snorkeling and diving reputation with the world`s second-largest reef network featuring limestone caves, tunnels and rare black coral. Cozumel Reefs National Park, a protected 30,000-acre national area covering 85 percent of the island`s dive sites and embracing the southern section of Cozumel, was created in 1996 for the purpose of conserving, monitoring and researching the reef formation and its natural habitat.