CHIC Creates a `Stronger Sense of Community`

CHIC is one forum for the entire Caribbean hospitality industry, where they can come together and address common concerns. The Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) will this year be holding CHIC, the premier annual event of the Caribbean hospitality industry, in the region`s newest and fastest growing meetings destination, the BÌÁvaro-Punta Cana area in the east of the Dominican Republic. Lorraine Ortiz the Caribbean Hotel Associations Communications Director speaks to Caribbean Weekly about this yearå‘s Caribbean Hotel Industry Conference (CHIC).

‘For CHIC 2003, we wanted to do away with all the hoity-toity stuffiness of most conventions, in order to stimulate camaraderie and a stronger sense of community.’

‘On the other hand, many people are excited about the venue being Punta Cana because the trip becomes a study tour in and of itself. Punta Cana is one of the most popular and fastest growing destinations in the Caribbean - an area that used to be an undeveloped stretch of beach a couple of decades ago.’

Caribbean Weekly will be monitoring CHIC from through-out its entirety with special reports direct from Punta Cana.

CHIC will be taking place 22-25 of this month. The Bávaro Convention Centre is one of the largest convention centres in the Caribbean and Latin American area.