Caribbean Still Strong with Americans

Despite one of the most difficult periods in the history of the world`s travel and tourism industry, the Caribbean remains an attractive destination for American holiday makers.
Research conducted by Hall & Partners shows that the Life Needs the Caribbean
marketing campaign kept the region as a top of mind destination, and kept the brand buoyant in the marketplace.
They report that this success was largely due to the creativity of the campaign, which resonated well with the American public, far better than usual advertising campaign norms.
“While tourism to the region is still fraught with challenges, the situation could have been much worse if it weren`t for such an effective advertising strategy,” commented Ralph Taylor, chairman of the Caribbean Hotel Association Charitable Trust (CHACT).

Hall & Partners, a specialist brand and communications agency, revealed that the advertisements had a 92 % effect in making holiday makers think about going to the Caribbean. Responses to other aspects of the campaign were also positive and well beyond the usual in the travel trade.
“The advertising has helped to soften the natural decline for international destinations,” the researchers report. Since last fall, the ads in the United States were viewed more than half a billion times.
“Our television campaign only represented a small percentage of the overall advertising dollars spent by the region, yet the communication level was overwhelming,” Taylor points out. 
The campaign, which represents about 8 % of the annual Caribbean dollar spend, increased the region`s awareness by 20%, while for others who did not see the ads, awareness decreased by 12 %.

Researchers also found great interest among Americans in taking advantage of Caribbean travel and tourism offerings on CHACT`s website with the deals now offered on the home page giving good reasons for consumers to point, click and book.