Sustainable Tourism Development

The 5th ANNUAL CARIBBEAN CONFERENCE ON SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT is organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in collaboration with the Association of Caribbean States (ACS)
and the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis.
This year’s conference will be particularly interesting as carefully selected speakers share their expertise, specifically tailored to the theme of the Conference “Embracing our Heritage”. Understand how the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Caribbean makes our region different from the rest of the world’s warm weather destinations. And learn how we can increase the realization and utilization of our heritage to emphasize the uniqueness of our product in the competitive global tourism market.
DATE: September 9-12, 2003
VENUE: St. Kitts Marriott Royal Beach Resort
WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT? In the Caribbean, sustainable tourism is understood as the optimal use of natural, cultural, financial and human resources for national development on an equitable and self-sustaining basis in order to provide a unique visitor experience and an improved quality of life for its citizens, through partnerships among government, the private sector and the communities.
The annual Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism Development is part of the information dissemination and regional awareness component of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development in the Region. Organized by CTO over the past five years, it has evolved from the Caribbean Ecotourism Conferences held from 1991 to 1996.
The Conference looks at how CTO and ACS member states can design and implement sustainable tourism policies and programmes, offering a regional forum for information exchange on the successes and pitfalls of national, regional and international initiatives. This exercise provides the opportunity for stakeholders to learn from the past, correct the present and plan for the future.