Expansion of CTO Intranet Site

Visitors to the CTO Intranet site, www.onecaribbean.org will soon be able to purchase documents from the site.
“We’re in the process of setting up a system whereby visitors can buy CTO publications and statistics directly from the site using a credit card without having to call in,” said Sharon Coward, CTO’s intranet administrator.
The facility is part of the expansion of OneCaribbean. OneCaribbean has been significantly expanded since the last update in February. As part of the CTO Emergency Response Communications Plan, a special section devoted to information on the War on Iraq was created.
This area, War on Iraq: Caribbean Tourism Response Centre contains several sub folders:
About Caribbean Destinations: contains descriptions of CTO member countries as supplied by the PR firms of those countries, as well as photos of the destinations. This area was designed primarily to provide the media and consumers with brief facts and figures on the territories.
Caribbean Postponement Assurance Programme: contains information on cancellation policies of hotels, territories and airlines, as well as messages from destinations to travel partners about the war.
CTO’s Official Statements on Impact of War: contains official views of the organization on the impact of the war on the industry.
Emergency Response Management & Communications Plan: CTO’s communications plan for handling the whole conflict and advice from PR specialists on how to handle the media during war times.
Related News from Around the World: continuing coverage on how the war is affecting the travel industry worldwide.
Spokesperson Central: contains lists of spokespersons in CTO destinations. This is visible only to CTO members and the media.
War In Iraq Bulletins: briefs compiled by CTO
The download figures in the various sub-sections to date show that the area is widely used and there was even mention of it in Travel Weekly’s Caribbean E-Letter dated March 20. 
Details on the Response Centre have already been sent to the media and CTO members.
“We encourage all CTO members who haven’t yet joined onecaribbean to do so in order to access all the information in the Centre,” Ms. Coward stressed.
Entertainment Cruises is the latest group to be created on the site at the request of CTO Chapter member, Terry Austin. For the month of March there were over 158 000 hits, 44000 page views and just over 5 000 visits. February registered some 156,000 hits with a corresponding 4, 610 visits and 43, 226 page views. The site is averaging close to five thousand unique visitor sessions a month.