Cancellation Policies for USVI Properties

UNITED STATES VIRGIN ISLANDS - America’s Caribbean - St. Croix, St. John and
St. Thomas - offers visitors beautiful white-sand beaches, clear turquoise
waters, luxurious world-renowned resorts, fine dining and the unforgettable
experience of a unique Caribbean culture.  American travelers quickly leave the
U.S. mainland behind as they discover all of these indulgences with the
unconditional ease of domestic travel. 

The U.S. Virgin Islands, unlike most Caribbean destinations, provides American
visitors all the amenities and conveniences of home.  In the USVI, the U.S.
dollar is the currency.  Traveler’s checks and major credit cards are
accepted.  Mail service is provided by the U.S. Postal Service.  Both airports
comply with all Federal Aviation Administration regulations.  When traveling to
and from the USVI, passports are not required.  U.S. citizens only need to
provide a certified copy of their birth certificate and government-issued photo

Enjoying the local culture, entertainment, food and unforgettable scenery of
the USVI requires no effort. And continued nonstop flights into the Territory
make it easy to customize travel to America’s Caribbean. 

For additional information about the United States Virgin Islands, call 800-372-
USVI (8784), visit or contact the nearest USVI Department of
Tourism regional office in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York,
Washington, D.C. or Toronto. 

Hotel Caravelle will uphold its policy of not applying a penalty charge to
cancelled or postponed reservations due to war or natural disasters.  Guests
who cannot leave the island will be able to prolong their stay at a discounted
rate, and the hotel will do its best to facilitate communication with the local
US Consulate.  For reservations or more information, call (800) 524-0410 or
(340) 773-0687.


Chenay Bay Beach Resort, St. Croix, introduces a new unrestricted postponement
policy.  The new policy allows visitors to postpone their vacation for up to
one year from the original travel date without restrictions.  Guests do not
need to explain why they are postponing their vacation.  The new policy is
available on all new bookings.  Rate difference charges, where applicable, will
apply to rescheduled bookings.  For additional information, call (800) 548-
4457, or visit

Club Comanche on St. Croix will offer guests a no penalty cancellation policy. 
Guests must cancel their reservation at least six days prior to their check-in
date in order to receive a full refund.  Clients who cancel their reservation
may travel at a later date at the same rate as their previous reservation.  For
additional information, call (340) 773-0210.

The Cormorant Beach Club and Hotel on St. Croix will maintain its current
cancellation policy in the event of war.  Guests of the resort who wish to
cancel their vacation need to do so at least 30 days prior to their arrival
during the summer season (April 1 to December 15) and at least six days prior
to their arrival during the winter season (December 16 to March 31).  For
additional information, call (800) 548-4460, or visit

The Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort & Casino has adopted new travel policies that
will ease any concerns travelers may have during international conflict or a
Homeland Security-issued Level Red Alert.  In the event that transportation
services become unavailable, the resort will allow guests to transfer an
advance deposit or full pre-payment of reservations to a stay within one year
from date of original reservations without forfeiture or additional fees.  The
resort will provide those members who have a paid membership during such a time
an extended membership agreement that includes additional usage of an
equivalent unit.  Travelers stranded at the resort will be charged a rate not
to exceed 50 percent of the room rate normally charged for the time period. 
For additional information, call (919) 419-3484.   

In the event of a war, innparadise on St. Croix will offer guests a full refund
on their reservation if they cancel within seven days of their arrival date. 
The property will honor the same rate for rescheduling their trip within 12
months of the cancellation.  For additional information, call (866) 800-9803,
or visit

Sugar Beach Condo Resort located on St. Croix requests that guests who need to
cancel their vacation do so at least 21 days in advance.  Under the resort`s
current policy, if the cancellation is made within 21 days of the arrival date,
guests are charged 15 percent of their total rate.  In the event of war, the 15
percent charge will be waived as long as the vacation is rescheduled within one
year.  For additional information, call (800) 524-2049, or visit

Catered To, Inc. will abide by its normal cancellation policy, which states
that no deposits will be refunded unless a replacement rental is obtained.
Should guests be forced to cancel for any reason and a replacement rental is
obtained, the deposit will be refunded, less 10 percent of the complete rental
rate.  Reservations cancelled less than 90 days in advance of reservation date
will incur an additional 10 percent penalty.  No monies will be refunded unless
a replacement rental is obtained. For reservations or more information, call
(800) 424-6641 or (340) 776-6641, or visit

Gallows Point Resort will maintain its current cancellation policy in the event
of a war. Guests must provide a deposit when making a reservation. If guests
cancel their vacation more than 30 days prior to their arrival date, they
receive a full refund on their deposit. If guests cancel within 30 days of
their arrival date, the deposit may be applied to a future stay at the resort,
within one year of the original arrival date. For additional information, call
(800) 323-7229, or visit

The Inn at Tamarind Court on St. John has a no penalty postponement policy for
guests who wish to cancel their reservations due to an outbreak of war.  Guests
will not be penalized if they cancel their vacation.  However, they will need
to rebook their vacation within one year of their previous reservation.  For
additional information, call (800) 221-1637, or visit

St. John Properties, a group of vacation villas on St. John, has a special
cancellation policy should there be an outbreak of war.  If guests provide a 30-
day cancellation notice, the property will return their vacation deposit less
10 percent of the total rental figure.  In the case of war, if guests need to
cancel less than 30 days before their scheduled arrival date, the property
company will hold the deposit and apply it to a future vacation that is
rescheduled within two years of the previously scheduled vacation without
penalty.  For additional information, call (340) 693-8485, or visit