Cayfest 2003 Honouring Cayman’s Quincentennial

The two-week long Cayfest, the National Festival of the Arts, takes place this April 17-30. In honour of the diversity found in the Cayman Islands, Cayfest celebrates and showcases the local arts and culture. With a multitude of activities, it has something to appeal to everyone in the family. The ever-popular Seaside will officially kick things off at the Public Beach on Seven Mile Beach Road, with the reenactment of a traditional boat launch. Each Tuesday downtown George Town will come alive with Café Cayman, an open-air symposium of local bands, arts and crafts, native dishes, and other local talent on display.

Other exciting events include ‘Praise’, Dance Vibes, the Culture Jam open mike, Granny Backyard, plus culinary and song competitions, and an art exhibition.

For more details, contact Michele Mogg or Sonia Bodden Kimball at: (345) 949-5477/5938; e-mail [email protected]Êor