Call to make the Caribbean more investor friendly

As the Caribbean braces itself for another difficult year in the travel sector there are calls for the region to promote itself as more investor friendly in a bid to increase development within the island nations.
Allen Stanford, owner of Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun airlines, called on governments in the Caribbean to make the region more investor friendly to serious entrepreneurs.
Stanford made the comments on Tuesday, in a ceremony to mark the inaugural flight of the Caribbean Sun from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
He stated, “If investors and the Caribbean as a whole are to ever embrace diversification, we must take change and eliminate things such as inconsistent regulations, from island to island, uneven enforcement of existing regulations, lack of protectionism, stifling value added taxes, different work rules and so on.” 
This idea falls in line with the notion of bringing the island nations together and promoting them as one destination as seen in Ralph Taylor’s campaign, ‘Life Needs The Caribbean’.