Extra digit to dial Aruba

As of February 1st, those wishing to call Aruba will have to dial an extra digit to access the island. Aruba has put into effect an expansion of its telephone number to seven digits.
The change is simple: consumers will merely have to dial a five in front of the actual number. For example, if the initial phone number is 881111, it would now be 588-1111. Those calling from abroad will have to dial 297-5 + number (297-588-1111). If calling from the United States, then 011-297-5 + number (011-297-588-1111) is necessary.
There are also additional changes for those with cellular phones in Aruba. Mobile phone users will have to add a nine in front of the number being dialed. For example, 931010 will now become 9-931010. The above-mentioned rules apply for people calling the mobile phone user from abroad (297-993-1010) or the United States (011-297-0031010).

Aruba is a vacationer`s paradise, located in the heart of the Caribbean, 15 miles north of Venezuela and only two and a half hours by air from Miami. Ideally located outside the hurricane belt, Aruba boasts perfect weather, cooling trade winds and people who are warm and accommodating. For more information visit, www.aruba.com.