PR Tourism Company Launch Regional Destination Branding program

The Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Tourism Company, Jose M. Suarez, has introduced å‘Porta del Solå’, Puerto Ricoå‘s first regional destination branding program designed specifically to promote the western area of the Caribbean island.
‘Porta del Sol, which equates to ‘Door to the Sun’, is a strategic marketing and development plan aimed at promoting tourism in the western region, in accordance with Governor Sila M. Calderon’s official tourism development plan and research conducted by the consulting firm Intervistas,’ said Suarez.
‘Porta del Sol’
will comprise a public relations, advertising and marketing strategy to assist with promotion of the western region of Puerto Rico as a destination for holiday makers seeking authentic Latin cuisine, diverse activities, as well as pristine beaches and natural beauty.
Suarez announced the scheme at this year’s Caribbean Marketplace, held in San Juan.
In addition Suarez also announced that he will continue negotiations to attract more flights to the western region, and that this year, the region will begin to see the rewards of these efforts. ‘In fact, the Rafael Hernandez International Airport will be capable of handling a larger number of passengers, allowing for an increase in tourism traffic in western Puerto Rico,’ said Suarez.
‘Porta del Sol’
is the first step off what will be a gradual roll-out of three other regional marketing initiatives for the South, East and Central regions of the island. Region-by-region promotional efforts will continue through 2004 and beyond, in an effort to expand the island’s tourism.