GBT Begins Tourism Surveys

As you leave Point Salines International Airport after a refreshing break in Grenada donå‘t be shocked if you are approached by a member of the Grenada Tourist Board eager to gain your impressions of the Caribbean destination.
Departing visitors are providing the Grenada
Board of Tourism with information about their views of Grenada and other important perspectives about their Grenada vacation. The exercise is part of on-going market research initiatives by the Board to ensure that Grenada’s tourism product and the entire visitor experience will ultimately be of the highest quality. As such, two Visitor Exit Surveys are planned for implementation later this year.
The winter schedule began on Sunday January 26, 2003 and will end on February 2. Other interviewing sessions will start on February 16 and March 16, while conclusion is slated for March 1 and 22 respectively. Interviews are being conducted throughout the day with emphasis on the busiest periods so as to maximize tourist participation.
Survey results will be compiled and analyzed by the
Caribbean Tourism Organization

The cooperation of all visitors is anticipated as the Grenada Board of Tourism remains focused on its goal to improve the product offerings of Grenada, while being better positioned to effectively evaluate the benefits of tourism to the Grenadian economy.