Whale Watching Season begins in TCI

The first Turks and Caicos Humpback whale sighting for 2003 has been reported. The humpback whale was spotted just off Salt Cay, and residents of the island as well as business owners are thrilled that the whale watching season has already begun.
On January 19th, one of the large mammals that visit the TCI annually was seen surfacing just west off the 6000ft Salt Cay Wall.  Being among the first to see what is always a spectacular scene, were Michelle Wells of Sunset House, Debbie Been of Salt Cay Divers and Dierin Longmire of Reef Runners, the two SCUBA operations on the island. Joining others in welcoming the start of whale watching season were Jagan and Sue Malcolm from Salt Cay Tours. 
The annual migration of approximately 2500 humpback whales through the Columbus Passage from waters as far North as Canada en route to nearby breeding sites, is witnessed annually and has become a great tourist attraction in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Many believe that Salt Cay is one of the best places in the islands for whale watching because of its location, and as a result visits to the island and business increases from late January until April.
2003 is no different and right now all of businesses on the island of Salt Cay, the island that time forgot in the Turks and Caicos Islands are excited about the prospects for this year and are offering great incentives for persons from other islands to come and visit.

Salt Cay is one of the smallest, measuring just over 2 miles long, of the 8 inhabited islands in the beautiful Turks and Caicos. Salt Cay has between 60 and 100 residents who live in beautifully preserved historic buildings in the main town. Alongside providing an excellent whale watching spot, Salt Cay has been recommended as a UNESCO world heritage site. For more information visit www.saltcay.org