Party time at Coral By Hilton

The spirit of Carnival was already being felt in the Caribbean city of San Juan, but the addition of the Coral by Hiltonå‘s reception party last night, only furthered the smiles of those attending the CHA Marketplace.
The grand party was hosted at the Coral by Hilton, originally constructed in 1949. No expense was spared at the event, which featured clowns, balloons and a vibrant carnival atmosphere.
As you roamed around the main hall it was difficult not to draw a smile, as brightly dressed individuals loomed high above perched on stilts. Cartoonists sketched caricatures whilst guests feasted on exceptional food.
Inside the spread ranged from sushi to candy, whilst outside a whole succulent pig cooked on an open spit. Fine drinks matched the fine food and a courtesy bar insured that everybody in attendance had a thoroughly good time.
An opening speech from Daniel Hughes, Vice President of the Caribbean for the Hilton Caribbean group, and Simone Suarez, CHA’s President, highlighted the importance of the franchise by the Coral chain. In a time where economic uncertainty dominates the tourism trade unity is needed to insure that visitors continue to arrive in the Caribbean region.
Following the presentation guests moved outside to the balcony where the alcohol continued to flow and the conversation really got going.
The Hotels general manager, Jose Campo, mixed with guests and played host to one of the finest parties of the evening.