World Internet Group showcase Elemis Spa treatments at CHA Marketplace

After a heavy day of meetings at the Caribbean Marketplace the World Travel Group invites you to relax and unwind with a world-renowned Elemis spa treatment. Situated in room 1 å- B, the Internet cafÌ© offers clients the opportunity to surf the web whilst indulging in a well-deserved massage.
As industry leaders in the spa market, Elemis will be offering delegates at the CHA Marketplace the chance to indulge in a well-deserved series of treatments and therapies. As well as massages the spa company will also be offering clients complimentary Elemis products ranging from skin care to beauty products. Sean Harrington, CEO of Elemis says, “The Caribbean Marketplace is an excellent forum for Elemis to showcase its products and distribute to a spa market that Elemis has so far had little contact with.”
The World Internet Group, has recently launched the unique Virtually Spas website which has quickly become an essential tool for international spa travelers. Easy to navigate, with useful links, and presented in 11 different languages, the Virtually Spas website enables visitors to choose a location and then browse through a picture gallery of 360 degree images for an unsurpassed virtual spa experience.
Using the unrivalled viewing experience of iPIX
imaging, the website easily guides visitors through the highlights of some of the world’s very best spas - giving spa visitors, quite literally, the world at their fingertips.
Harrington believes that Virtually Spas has uncovered the vision to create an excellent consumer tool that leads the industry into new forms of interactive communication. “It will give consumers confidence in their spa choice whilst bringing the global spa market closer to home. The spa industry in general has been slow to utilizes the Internet, however, in the next few years, the Internet will be a key area of development.”

Complimentary treatments will commence at the opening of CHA
Marketplace on Sunday January 19. This year the tourism board of Tobago is sponsoring the Internet Café in a bid to increase tourism numbers to the beautiful Caribbean destination. Tobago have recently launched a website allowing potential travelers to discover more about the island before their vacation begins.