CTO Launches World-wide Caribbean Writer/Photography Contest

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), representing 32 member nations in the Dutch, English, French and Spanish-speaking Caribbean, is launching an annual World-wide Travel Writer/Photographer Awards program to recognise and reward excellence in features and photos published or broadcast about the Caribbean region.
“Stories are produced every day by various media and are being published in newspapers, magazines and trade journals along with great photographs featuring the Caribbean,” said Hugh Riley, director of marketing for CTO. “We are going to acknowledge and honour these writers and photographers each year for their hard work which results in promoting the Caribbean region as the leading warm weather destination in the world.”
Writers and photographers will receive awards for features and photographs appearing in North American, European and Caribbean markets. Awards will be presented separately in each of the three markets for:
1. Best Feature article in a consumer newspaper, magazine, or on-line
2. Best Feature article in a trade publication.
3. Best TV Broadcast Feature.
4. Best Radio Broadcast Feature.
5. Best short news article under 500 words in a consumer newspaper, magazine, trade publication or on-line.
6. Best photography in conjunction with a feature article in a consumer newspaper, magazine or trade publication.
7. Best guide book on the Caribbean.
8. Best individual photo unaccompanied by a story in a consumer newspaper, magazine or trade publication.
9. Travel Writer of the Year (based on a portfolio).
10. Photographer of the Year (based on a portfolio).

Awards will be judged on individual merit by a panel of judges including journalism professors and people from various other professions. Entries will be submitted for articles or photographs appearing in calendar year 2002 and subsequently for each calendar year. Cost for entries will be $25 per entry for articles and photographs and $40 for an entry of a portfolio for Travel Writer or Photographer of the Year Awards.

The Awards will be presented at the Governments of the Caribbean State Ball which culminates Caribbean Week in New York. Caribbean Week consists of a week-long series of meetings attended by all categories of CTO’s membership including Ministers and Directors of Tourism, Chapter Presidents and Allied Members. Meeting attendees discuss policies and strategies for the development of a sustainable tourism product in the Caribbean. In addition to its meetings, CTO is taking increased steps to generate interest amongst the general public by planning a number of consumer-focused events for Caribbean Week 2003. Currently, a Caribbean Week committee is planning events. Caribbean Week 2003 will take place June 1-7.