Antigua welcomes youngest person ever to cross Atlantic alone.

Nelsons Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua welcomed the young face of Sebastian Clover as he admirally
completed his solo Atlantic crossing. Seb cruised into the record books as he became the worlds youngest yachtsman to cross the Atlantic single-handed.

At 15 years of age Clover has beaten the previous record holder, British sailor David Sandeman, who completed the trip at the age of seventeen back in the 1970’s. Seb crossed the Atlantic in a 32ft Contessa class yacht. His journey
begain from the Canary Islands and stretched for 2,700 miles to Antigua. “The last hours were a bit boring,” he admitted. “I was just waiting for Antigua to appear on the horizon.”

Mr Clover, Seb’s Father, also completed the journey in an identical boat to his sons, in a faster time. The pair had set off as part of a father/son contest to see who could get to Nelsons Dockyard first.  Seb’s journey was mared by bad
fortune, his rudder broke with 800 miles remaining and he had horrific weather conditions to negotiate. “The rudder
failure was a shame in that it compromised his race with me to a certain degree.” Mr Clover was aware that losing
the race was not the issue. “The important thing is that he is the youngest person by a long way to have successfully sailed the Atlantic alone.”

The young Clover also had to contend with Killer Whales as large as his vessal. “I am more than looking forward to a nice bed that doesn’t move.” Sebastian doesn’t think that this will be the end of his sailing career and with sponsorship he feels that he may take part in larger races, “Maybe I will sail around the world.”

The pair set sail on December 19 from the Canary Islands. After 2,700 miles of sailng Sebastians father arrived in Antigua on Saturday. His son arrived a little later at around 9:30am local time on Sunday. His mother, Dolores
Clover, was justifably overjoyed at her son’s performance. “He’s a real dreamboat for some 15-year-old girl somewhere.” It was Sebastians mother who first suggested that he attempt to become the youngest person ever to cross the Atlantic solo.