Air Jamaica Signs Jazz Sponsorship Contract.

For the Fourth year in a row Air Jamaica has put its name as, å‘Premium Gold Sponsor,å’ of the

St. Lucia Jazz festival. Contracts were signed in early January. Director of the St. Lucia Tourist Board Hilary Modeste says, å“Air Jamaicaå‘s support of St. Lucia Jazz over the last four years has become an integral part of the yearly marketing blitz.å”
The Tourist Board Director continued, “This approach of joint promotion between the airline and the St. Lucia Tourist Board has always proved beneficial to all those involved.” He said that this was particularly evident when St. Lucia Jazz saw its most challenging year for travel in 2001. Joint campaigns between Air Jamaica and the Board leading up to the St. Lucia Jazz, kept arrivals up for 2002, at a high of 11,203 surpassing the 2001 figure of 8,422.

Air Jamaica traditionally provides seats for all artistes, celebrities and prizewinners, and also assists with the transportation of stage and audio equipment.
This year sees the Jazz festivals signature advertisement being aired on American music channels, VH1 and MTV. This is expected to bring more custom from the states where a large number of Jazz patrons reside. Marketing will also include radio promotions in Atlanta, New York and Washington. The ultimate prize is being offered on Valentines Day when individuals can win a trip to St. Lucia with Air Jamaica providing flights and tickets to the event.

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