Cuba Opening Up Virgin Keys To Foreign Tourists

Traditional Caribbean playgrounds such as Cancun and Jamaica should monitor the competition, as Cuba aims to recover its stance as the Caribbeanå‘s premier tourist destination.
European charter airlines are to begin flights to Cayo Coco Cuba.
Last month communist Cuban authorities opened an international airport with the facilities to receive wide-bodied aircrafts on Cayo Coco.
Cuba has already witnessed the construction of eleven high-end hotels on Cayo Coco and near by Cayo Guillermo. The main intention is to draw vacationers from countries such as Canada, Spain, Britain and Germany. With its diversity they would have the opportunity to lounge on pristine beaches or stroll around alligator and iguana filled nature reserves.
The capital Havana is also putting its money on an end to the US travel ban. This would assist with filling the hotels, which some deem have been built too quickly and too large. This overcapacity may not be resolved until Americans are allowed into the region.
Once upon a time Cuba was the playground of wealthy Americans, with Mafia bosses controlling the night scene. Fidel Castro soon brought an end to the rackets and corruption when he came to power in 1959. American owned hotels were moved to areas such as the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.
Cuba believes that in excess of one million Americans would visit once the ban is lifted. The ban has been in place for four decades as part of an economic embargo against Havana. Prime attractions include excellent sport fishing - there are plans for a Martina that can house 400 yachts and deep sea fishing boats.