Kite Surfing Takes St Lucia Tourism to Another Level

The latest high-excitement sport that is taking the world of sports tourism by storm has touched the southern shores of St Lucia. With the advent of Skyriders at the Club Mistral Windsurfing Centre (located at The Reef Beach Cafe in Vieux Fort), St Lucia has established a definite leading edge over other Caribbean holiday destinations. Nowhere can one learn the high-thrill sport of kitesurfing in more perfect, uncrowded and safe conditions than in the waters of Anse de Sable Bay, where the wind is strong, steady and almost always cross onshore and where there is ample space for uninhibited enjoyment of speed, stunts and the salty spray of the sea.

Fully qualified instructors and state of the art equipment at reasonable rates guarantee a safe, fun-filled and affordable introduction to the wild, wet world of kiting.
Already, windsurfers the world over know of the south of St Lucia for its excellent combination of wind, water and fun. Last year, Club Mistral St Lucia made Vieux Fort known as an exciting new water sports holiday destination to tour operators across Europe and elsewhere.

Dozens of water sports lovers travelled to St Lucia to enjoy and perfect their surfing skills, staying at local hotels and guesthouses, eating at local restaurants and bars, using local rental cars and taxi associations. Many others already vacationing at resorts in the north of the island gladly profited from the opportunity to enjoy some of the world`s best windsurfing equipment and conditions, and took a drive down to Anse de Sable for a day or two.
The impact which wind and kitesurfing tourism is having on the island`s overall economy may still be small compared to St Lucia`s already well-established all-inclusive and cruise tourism sectors, but it means the world to those involved in the budding tourism sector at the south of the island, which has been particularly hard-hit by the closure of Club Med and a number of other smaller establishments in the hospitality industry down south. With the advent of the exciting and highly fashionable sport of kitesurfing, the south is looking to reverse this trend and to accelerate its quest of becoming a top-quality wind and kitesurfing holiday destination in its own right.

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