Drug Free Zones Possible Around Barbados` Schools

Marijuana, alcohol and cocaine may have been creeping into schools in Barbados` but the Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA) believes that it is not too late to create drugs free zone`s around Primary and Secondary schools.
Chairperson Sandra Husbands, who is also president of the Barbados Small Business Association, said children in schools “are among the key cheap targets” of drug pushers who induce them to become users, couriers or both.
At a speech for Drugs Awareness Month Husbands said Globalisation could heighten the drug problem when it becomes fully operational in 2007. “If we do not work together as a nation to position the economy well to secure our seat at the economic table, we will find the result in the continuing growth and upsurge of drugs and crime”. For more information visitwww.nationnews.com