Dominica Set To Celebrate 25 Years of Independence With `Mas Domnik`

Dominica consider`s it`s Carnival, `Mas Domnik` as the most original Carnival in the Caribbean. Feburary 15 will mark the opening of the celebrations for 2003, with a Grand Street Parade which will run from the Roseau Bayfront to Carnival City at the Pottersville Savannah.
Celebrations on Dominica will be even bigger then previous years in 2003 as the Island celebrates its 25th Anniversary of Independence, and more then 175 years of Carnival Culture.
Dominica`s carnival celebration is a unique and very special kind of carnival in the region`s calendar of carnivals. Dubbed the Caribbean`s Most Original Carnival, Mas Domnik features much of the carnival or masquerade forms which pre-dates the modern day carnival celebrations in the Caribbean. The focus of the celebrations is on showcasing of the island`s unique costumes, which reflecting the strong African presence and influence in the masquerade forms. These include costumes such as sensay, band mauve, black devil, and other forms made popular over decades of carnival celebrations here.

Dominica`s carnival is also the celebration of the African drum or lapo kabwit drums, the catchy carnival songs referred to as chante mas which is captured by our calypsonians and other music makers, nightly carnival “practices” throughout the island for several weeks before the official carnival days, and the merry making and jump-up of carnival Monday and Tuesday. These are the elements of Mas Domnik and what helps to make it, the most Original Carnival. Mas Domnik is the only carnival that attempts to recapture the traditional forms, and reincorporate them into forms that are lively and exciting spectacles for locals and visitors.

In today`s carnival celebrations, the programme contains a mixture of the exciting and original forms of our carnival traditions, and the new, colourful and entertaining samplings of Mas Domnik. The celebrations are not complete without the weekly calypso tents, a number of beauty pageants particularly the Miss Dominica Queen Show, sensay and ole mas festivities, steel band music, the calypso monarch competitions which climax on the final Saturday, and of-course, the best of them all, two full days of street jump-up and partying on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. This brings out the fun, the colour and gaiety of our masquerade bands, the pulsating rhythms of bouyon and calypso music, and the action of so many merry makers, both locals and foreign.