BWIA Enforces Baggage Limits

In anticipation of heavy Christmas passenger traffic and in keeping with proven baggage practices, BWIA West Indies Airways Limited has issued a media baggage advisory release notifying the travelling public of the need to adhere to baggage size and weight restrictions.
“BWIA has instituted these restrictions successfully in the past and the net result has been beneficial for all travellers. By restricting the number and size of each passenger’s baggage, we assure that each passenger receives their baggage. Those with extra bags, out of Miami and New York, can easily take advantage of the Sure Xcess service. Travel Agents have been alerted to the restrictions and have committed to informing all passengers at the time of ticket purchase,” said Mr. Don MacLean Vice President of Customer Service and Operations.

EMBARGO PERIOD: The embargo restricts the carriage of excess baggage and boxes…The embargo period for the Travelling Public is Nov 28th 2002 to Jan 13th 2003

BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE - CHECKED BAGGAGE: North America/ Europe / Kingston/ St . Marteen - 2 pieces at 30 kgs. or 70lbs each.
One piece not exceeding 62ins, the other not exceeding 55 ins (length + breadth + height) // Intra Caribbean - 20kgs or 44 lbs., not exceeding 62ins.
BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE - HAND BAGGAGE: Each passenger is allowed one piece of carry on baggage plus one additional piece such as a purse or laptop. The carry on baggage must weigh no more than 16lbs and measure no more than 47ins in total dimension.
SURE XCESS: Sure Xcess is available at MIAMI and JFK- New York // Out of JFK New York- US$ 90 for bags 30kgs. or 70lbs and under…US$ 110 for bags over 70lbs // Out of MIAMI - US$ 50 for bags 70lbs and under…US$ 100 for bags over 70lbs // There are local Handling charges that would apply at POS. // There is no limit to the size. // The bags will be delivered within seven 7 days of acceptance and payment. // The cut off date for Sure Xcess is DEC 20th…
“All baggage falling outside the scope of these restrictions will be treated as cargo and will be freight-forwarded within seven days of the passenger flight at a price of US$100.00 per piece. BWIA is committed to ensuring that passengers who follow the guidelines receive their luggage on arrival. Too many times in the past, the honest traveller has had to pay for those who flaunt the rules,” responded Mr. MacLean when asked the reason behind the strict application of the rule at Christmas time.