Waters as Warm as the Welcome

If you want to put down a table-top, a cheese roll or a 360, you must come to the Caribbean and discover the sea, the wind - and the thrill-seekers who converge from around the world.
Come to where trade winds and coral reefs combine to produce waves up to 15 foot high and create conditions for spectacular double somersaults above a 26C sea. Join those who chase the wind.

Surf riding, with or without sail, is enjoying a boom and there are excellent facilities throughout our countries. From December to April, the north-eastern trade winds build up a powerful swell on the open sea, which is driven west to break on Atlantic-facing coasts.

This warm water swell provides perfect conditions for surfing. In the many reef-sheltered bays, wind-surfing has developed into one of the most popular watersports in the Caribbean. Competitions are widespread, some of them world championships. These are typical trade wind locations, the wind nearly calm in the morning and building throughout the day to peak between 3pm and 5.30pm. From mid-December through June, the wind will blow in the 15-25 knot range most days, rising to 30 knots in February and March.

Both surfing and windsurfing require superb body control, excellent physical condition and nerves of steel. At most tourist resorts, there are surf boards for hire and expert instructors. If you are learning, you can use a boogie board where the waves are gentler.

On even the smallest of our tropical and subtropical lands and coasts, we usually have at least one beach where you will find all the watersports from windsurfing to waterskiing to parasailing. Jetskis and waterbikes are available for hire at most major centres, along with knee boards, wakeboards, trick skis and tandem parasailing.


The options, like the sun and sea, are endless.