Really Exploring the Caribbean

From the Indians who inhabited the island to the waves of early Europeans and mainland traders, the adventure of exploring the islands of the Caribbean archipelago has fulfilled the curiosity and need for variety of many the traveller over time - and still does today!

Even for residents of the Caribbean - often very familiar with places in Europe and North America - their neighbour islands have provided an unexpected exciting and economical vacation alternative.

Both groups are discovering more of the Caribbean. This relatively small area amazes with diversity—in climate and landscape, in language, religion and customs, in the history showcased, and the proud achievements in areas like music, sports and art, medicine and education. But there are common strands that run through the region, and a shared hospitality that reaches out to a newcomer, welcoming you home to a place you may never have been.

Destination-skipping or “island-hopping” is easy within the Caribbean as the islands lie close together. There are inter-island ferries, ranging from old-fashioned schooners where visitors rub shoulders with islanders, fresh produce and crates, to modern hydrofoils that whisk you between islands in air-conditioned ease. Regional airlines criss-cross the islands making inter-island touring uncomplicated, while their short-hop commuter airline partners in the region widen your choice of destinations and schedules…and fly low for better sightseeing.

Limited time and budget? Even in Winter there is always affordable accommodation. Off-season deals can be remarkable and the regional airlines often offer special fares that make touring cost-effective. To encourage neighbourly visits, Caribbean nationals are frequently offered special rates -so don’t forget to ask!


Caribbean travel agents are increasingly expert on all that`s available in next-door destinations: even when you`re already on one island, it`s possible to arrange a side trip to another.

So, add an option and another island: exploring is Caribbean heritage!

Whatever you do, do it Caribbean!