Aruba`s Oldest Industry Is Reborn Into Newest Jewel

A visit to the Aruba Aloe Facility and museum is a must. The Aloe museum is truly innovative. The history of the importance of the Aloe plant for Aruba starts in the 1890å‘s. The desert plant which enjoys to live in the Aruban climate, was loved by the civilized world by its black tar-like substance, extracted from the succulent brownish yellow leaf and used by the US and Europe as instant intestinal relief to chronic and occasional sufferers.
Aruba Aloe is the oldest company on the island. Established in the 1890 and was the islands in that time depending on the cultivation of and harvesting, the plant Aloe Vera. Since 1968, they have started incorporating the aloe extract, the gel in a new line of products made for the local market. Velvety creams fragrant shampoos and effective deodorants were made by the Aruba Aloe Company.
Many years later the Aruba Aloe Company has a new challenge: With a fresh new look, and with three distinct lines of sun-care and, body-care and hair-care, and with its new bottles and vibrant orange colors Aloe Vera will enter the international market in a more aggressive approach. And with the help of and the best quality that can be expected from the aloe Vera the new management has great expectations for the company. The plan is to launch the product to a more international market, to make Aruba Aloe what Coca Cola is for the USA and what Heineken is to the Netherlands.