BWIA Confident of a Future

The president and chief executive officer of BWIA, Conrad Aleong said he was confident that the carrier would be flying å“for many, many yearså” despite its current financial difficulties.
Management at BWIA have stepped forward to place on record their confidence that the transformation needed to save the airline will be successful, the airline said in a press release posted on its website.
“The October 31st deadline is simply the date by which we have targeted having all staff concessions in hand along with the other cost-reduction plans. Come November 1st 2002, BWIA will still be flying and that will be so for many, many years to come,” Mr. Aleong is quoted as saying.
“BWIA has been through worse than this in the past 62 years, we have been tested and we get better every time,” he added.
BWIA staff, at a recent meeting, re-dedicated themselves to the challenge facing the national airline of Trinidad and Tobago.