Message from CTO on Bali

The member countries, allied members and staff of the Caribbean Tourism Organization express condolences to the government and people of Bali and Indonesia for the terrible loss of life that resulted from the October 12, 2002 bombing of the Sari nightclub in the heart of Bali’s Kula beach strip. Our sympathies also are extended to the families and relatives of those who so unfortunately perished as a result of the attack.
Although Bali is a long way from us geographically, as tourist destinations, we share a common purpose and when one tourism destination suffers in this manner, the global cause of travel and tourism is done a great injustice.
Most of the more than 180 people killed by the bomb blast were foreign tourists who had travelled to Bali expecting to find an island of peace and tranquility. The horrible incident has done nothing to help the cause of tourism, the greatest enemy of which is terror and instability.
Therefore, as Indonesia tries to come to grips with the attack and its horrible consequences, CTO extends its support and sympathy to its government and tourism authorities in this time of enormous grief.